Our Grant Funding Mission:

To strengthen and expand the relevance of the United Methodist Church in Arkansas

by providing Financial Support for Innovative & Creative ministries.  


Grant funding comes from a steady flow of endowment resources to support Church ministries and is awarded by the UMFA Grant's Committee. Endowment funds can be designated by donors for specific causes or left to the discretion of the Grant's Committee. The donor's original gift, or principal, in each endowment remains intact to assure perpetual support, and the annual income is used to underwrite United Methodist programs, projects, and activities.  

In 2018, UMFA continued to make a dramatic impact on the United Methodist Church in Arkansas. Over $1.1 million in grants were made at the discretion of the Foundation’s board to high priority areas including leadership development, human welfare, and Conference institutions.  Some of the year’s highlights are:

  • We have now provided 36 scholarships to Arkansas students attending a United Methodist seminary. There are four more students currently attending seminaries, and we hope to approve four more scholarship recipients this spring.

  • We made the final installment on our $200,000 grant in support of the new student center at Philander Smith College.

  • We made the final installment on our $150,000 grant to Hendrix College to underwrite their new Welcome Center.

  • A major contribution, $21,000, has been made to provide certification and training for Youth Pastors and Directors of Youth in partnership with Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University.

  • UMFA’s grant of $83,000 enabled 100 clergy and lay leaders from the ARUMC to attend the Leadership Institute at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas.

  • Through the UMC’s Dollars for Scholars program, the Foundation provided fifty, $1,000 scholarships to United Methodist students attending United Methodist colleges and universities.

  • The Center for Calling and Christian Leadership continues to develop as it challenges and prepares young people for future leadership in the church. A significant grant of $137,500 will bring talented and gifted lay and clergy leaders to our congregations.




General UMFA Grant Policies
  1. UMFA's priority is to fund activities at the conference level that have the capacity of enriching many or all local churches.  Thus, we rarely fund requests from individual local churches.

  2. UMFA does not wish to become the perpetual funder for any ongoing program or ministry.

  3. UMFA targets its resources at United Methodist programs and ministries located almost exclusively within the bounds of the Arkansas Annual Conference.

  4. UMFA is targeted and strategic in its grant-making, preferring to make fewer substantial commitments, rather than diluting our impact by spreading our resources thinly over many small requests.

  5. UMFA communicates with the Annual Conference leadership to better understand the Conference's needs and opportunities. 

Recent UMFA grants include:
  • Center for Calling and Christian Leadership at Hendrix College

  • Methodist Family Health- Camp Scholarships

  • Ozark Mission Project

  • Philander Smith College- Panther Village

  • Arkansas Annual Conference Leadership Training at Church of the Resurrection

  • Lydia Patterson Institute Challenge Grant

  • Youth work Certification at Perkins School of Theology

  • Arkansas Annual Conference Growing Disciples Summit

  • RevItUp (Clergy Financial Training through Wespath)

  • Dollars for Scholars

  • UMFA Seminary Scholarships

  • Arkansas Annual Conference- Mission U

  • Hendrix College Welcome Center

  • Philander Smith College Campus Center

  • Jurisdictional Spiritual Renewal Retreat

  • Arkansas Annual Conference Administrative Assistant Training

  • Methodist Family Health kids to Camp Tanako


For more information about our Grants program, contact Mackey Yokem at myokem@umfa.org.